Tuesday, August 18, 2009

M.I.A. i`m back and better for it.........

........a full summer in a southern california beach city can be a slow and frighteningly loud howling death...watching the masses leak like pus from an open sore leaving their sickness in every possible crevice......... draining your spirit little by little, dropping in on your crystal lover with a rented foam what`s it called. bicycles spinning in all which directions chaotically redirecting energy in all the wrong positions throwing all that is aligned into utter disconcert.

escape is the one and only savior and escape is what i had achieved this past week. my fleeing mind pointed north and my ass went following. my achievment brought me slowly rambling up the california 101 away from the used ass-wipes that seemed to never be flushed accordingly. (should there be a photo of a motorcycle placed here or a robot or large lucious breasts with enticingly succulent nipples lending to the beauty of the orbes?)

san francisco, she was gently calling, whispering lies probably but none-the-less i reached out to her and let her bring me down into her worldly delights. and her delights is what i needed to wash the shit away.

thank you sweet love, san francisco, for all your beauty and for your unwavering shoulder to lean on. i took your beauty, i hope you don`t feel used, i don`t normally go talking about my conquests but you were exactly what i needed and i thought you might be flattered.

thank you for all the passes left at will-call windows, window jockeys wondering who the fuck i was.......... thank you to all the bartenders with the heavy pouring hand, sliding one glass of elixir after another with but a smile and wave of a hand when i went to reach for legal tender for the kind indulgence.

"A", you are looking healthy and very alive again and for that i`m grateful.

josh, thanks for trekking all the way into town for some esoteric banter resembling long conversations of past while finishing your qualifying paper for your dissertation. (do you really think you deserved that piece of bragging paper for that utter pile of shit you wrote... honestly , you really pulled the wool over the eyes of the fucking pretentious campus fucks. tenure be damned.)

thanks mike d........... slo was pretty neat. we`ll head back up there in october........

i had to move, staying in so.cal. was putting me into a state of sleep that was diminishing my possiblities; i didn`t want to fall into a coma and retire to a dream......i enjoy breaking into my mind and finding new light....walk, see, feel, listen to the inner silence called peace..... i`ve decided she will be called amphetimene dream.(did i spell that drug right?) harpoon, can you do lettering?

well anyway, my pussycat and my kids had a blast and my head seems clear for what it`s worth....all will return tomorrow, back to what is, but for the time being, i have lost my urge to go on a homicidal murder spree.......all of you know who you are, you`re safe for now. i rest.

p.s. dynamite, get your bike running and ready.... we`re going farther in october....

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Tony d. said...


good call man. I could use a little myself. i'm about to go back to a normal 40hr work week and i can't wait.