Thursday, August 27, 2009

can you dig it?

......i heard a sound and when it grew louder i could guess what it was, motorcycles, a low throttling growl from that distance but coming closer now, rumbling and cracking, and i knew there would be more then two or three. i went to the window and then they came down the street with a sound that seemed to rip and sunder beneath the tires themselves, cracking off into smaller sounds which were then snapped apart by the next set of wheels and then the next, and i counted ten, now twelve bikes, the riders went past screaming something as they went, eighteen now, an even twenty, dressed in silver and black, the colors of their bikes, and they went past screaming into the sounds of their machines, shouting a curse or warning over the empty lawns. they were gone in seconds and it was a though a hurricane or plague had struck the town, we were all in one piece. but now, as silence began to fill in the holes left by these marauding bikes, i could almost feel every man and woman in town looking from windows down that street and experiencing a strange mixture of longing and terror. we were all in one piece. but we were not quite the same people we had been ten seconds before............ (PUT YOUR FAVORITE PICTURE HERE)
keep your day open september 26th, more will be posted soon as the information arrives
be cool..........................

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