Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dead Weather @ the Wiltern

a friend left 2 tickets at will call for me and my favorite concert partner (noah, my son) was too tired. (we surfed for about 6 hours earlier) well about 7:45 i said fuck it, got fired up and rolled out my bike for a trip to hollywood. it was 82 degrees, the sun was going down, i finished my vodka and it was time to roll.......... i had to stop by the smog cutter before the show, medicine to recover from the ride......jack white has the gift to make anything he gets involved in to turn to gold.... this band was no exception. they fuckin killed it. everybody lost their minds when he got up on guitar for a couple songs. for whatever you think about jack white and the white stripes, he is one of the most talented and entertaining musicians out today. full blown rock and roll, real rock and roll.

when the show was over and i exited out onto wilshire blvd., the temps were still up and it was a great hollywood night. i went back over to the cutter for a night cap with some folks i know, jumped on me sickle and headed back down south to the O.C., home sweet home. fun, but crazy motherfuckers. i need to get some new friends........... such is the case.


Tony d. said...

haven't listened much to these guys, but i can't agree with you more... Jack does have the midas' touch.

By Hand and By Brain said...

Spot on-JW is one of the best!
Great blog-been lurkin...