Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lesson #4 Literature: A Confederacy of Dunces

too much about reading books? It`s my blog, if you don`t like it, beat it.If you do, read on and expand your horizons.
The story how this book got published is: an older woman walks into the Loyola University New Orleans literature dept. and hands a smudged carbon manuscript to the dept. head and says this could make a great book. The dept. head says whatever, takes the manuscript and drops it on a pile of other`things to read`. A couple weeks later the professor picks up the pile of papers and laughs and starts reading it. Another mother thinking her kid is some kind of literary genius. The professor can`t put the book down, lusting after each word. After completion of the work, she contacts the mother to discuss the book and to also see if there are anymore masterpieces laying around. the mother says her son wrote this and this was all she could find in this old box of papers. Well, bring your son in! I can`t, he killed himself 11 years ago. Bummer. How much more was left in him?
His name was John Kennedy Toole and he killed himself in 1969 at the age of 31. This book will make you laugh so hard. Don`t try reading this while drinking milk for it will surely squirt out your nose. Alot of it takes place in the French Quarter, my personal home away from home. Hollywood has been trying to make a movie of this forever. Belushi, Pryor, Candy, Farley; some think this project is cursed. I`ve had friends say Ferrell has already filmed it and is waiting to release it.
Seriously, this is a good read. Check your motorcycle blogs at night than turn off the computer and read. Reading is good for your head and your mind and also your brain. Got it? Get it... Good.... I rest.


Tony d. said...

i stopped reading for a long time in favor of smoking pot. recently i reversed this mindset and picked up "Brave New World". my head nearly exploded. excellent read.

keep putting up more book titles. i dig it.

mind pill said...

nice, huxley. story goes he took a hit of acid on his deathbed. also wrote an essay called the doors of perception hence the band the Doors. food for thought.

Nick said...

"He actively resented my worldview."