Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lesson #3 literature : read the contemporaries

I`ve been hesitant about this lesson for fear of offending anybody but because of the recent hamas/isreali conflict and past religious elections I decided `WHAT THE FUCK`. The book recommended in this lesson is -god is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything- by Christopher Hitchens. Hitchens is possible the greatest living mind of our generation. This man is brillant and in his book contends that religion is violent, irrational and intolerant. It doesn`t stop there also adding sexism, racism and bigotry. Faithful or not, this is a very good read filled with historic facts and investigative travel to study world religions first hand than by reading bias literature for or against religious beliefs. This is one of our freedoms, don`t be afraid of different thought. I`ve had the good fortune to see this writer speak in an open forum with very famous theologians participating on the panel and in the audience. Hitchens politely and elegantly tore them all new assholes. I saw a priest jump up and tell him to go to hell. ah, religion is always so open-minded. you won`t be disappointed with this read: it`s quick and enlightening and you won`t be able to put it down once you start. I rest.... for now fuckers.

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