Thursday, January 15, 2009

Albums You Need To Get If You Don`t Already Have Them........(this is not one of my lessons, lessons are up for discussions, this is not.....)

The Tubes live album gives you their crazy live performances, songs about drugs, sex, spoiled rich kids, T.V. drugs and sex. Great San Francisco art band. Fee Waybill as `Quay-Lude` singing, White Punks On Dope stands alone on social relavance.
Roxy Music`s first is their best, Brian Eno is still with them, They are so cool. Glam-sickness.
Parliament/Funkadelic`s first, Osmium, was recorded entirely on acid from start to finish. They still hold one of the truest messages, Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow. Get the Funk Out.

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