Monday, October 18, 2010

what is STP?


Irish Rich said...


STP stands for Scientifically Treated Petrolium.

It's technology comes from the Germans in WWII. The formula is based on a petrolium that the Nazis were trying to develop, for their tanks in the African desert. They were trying to run their tanks on 100% of the base for STP.

We took the technology from the Germans as a "spoil of War". The same formula for STP is the base for like Gunk Motor Honey, Wynns Stud, and all the other STP-type products over the years.

mind pill said...

rich, just joking.......remember as a kid having millions of stp stickers on everyting you had. every gas station gave them out for free. but as usual i didn`t know the history of it...... that is the reason so many folks read your blog. the interesting info never ceases to amaze us. i`ve said it to you a million times....publish THE book with all your stories and photos. i definitely want the first copy SIGNED! ride safe, be peace.

Irish Rich said...

Yeah, we stuck STP stickers on everything. I still have an original "unstuck" one from back then.

My mom, who was a decendent of honest-to-god Bohemians on her mother's side, used to tell us kids that STP stood for "Stop Teasing Polocks".