Thursday, October 21, 2010

the donuthole....the thinking man

ok, so i know we said we're pissing circles, and i have no problem with it, but man... you have to see this. I just finished watching it today. its huge. its horrible. and its terrifying. Forget the name, get past that part. Is it about Obama? yes. But its about how he has been constructed as a puppet by the wealthiest most vile humans alive to destroy this planet country by country. I kid you not- please sit through the whole thing. Man, this goes way beyond Congress, Senate, President.... its Zietgeist type shit man. Chips being put in wrists type shit. Police state type shit. 1984 type shit. and if what they say is true, were sitting right there on the edge of it all.

dude. i woke up this morning and didn't want to even think about politics.... this is so far above elections, and candidates, and partys... this is insane.

that or i am for believing it.



Anonymous said...

this kind of shit justifies my stock piling of guns and ammo

mind pill said...

you and joe would stock pile this shit no matter`re like your old man....crazy motherfuckers. how you doin rick? joe is a fat cat on that big bike now....