Sunday, November 15, 2009

SLO .......big deal enough of those boring `Vintage` stock motorcycle photos please.......

so we decided to head up the coast to Neptunes in Malibu for some "beverages" and of course someone, Clayton, ran out of gas........ it always happens right? he gets to the station sweatin, we`re all just casually smiling. you`re not supposed to laugh out loud. hell we were ready to go. after neptunes, we got a goin`, and little by little things started falling off my bike.......really. only the best quality of craftsmanship goes into MY bike. half way between malibu and san luis obispo my coil wire kept popping off and i eventually let go of a muffler. just one though. i felt bad, everyone kept stopping until i finally said to split and that i would catch up. .... which i did at the very last gas station before we rolled into SLO.

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