Monday, November 3, 2008

A Very Wet Rooster Cafe Sunday.........Where were all of the motorcycles?

Dynamite met me off the 5 fwy. and we blasted up redhill to D.`s house with the rain stabbing us like needles. Joe was a bit too much gangster with his pendleton on and turned into the biggest dripping sponge on a motorcycle. Of course when we got there Mike was pacing with his coffee babbling about something; high taxes, america being bombed again, how hot Palin is etc...... the usual. His pre-unit is coming together and it`s gonna look insane if he doesn`t get bored and dump it......... mysterious......... What`s he gonna do............


Only got pictures as we were leaving, that`s not Joe peeing his pants there, after an hour or so that`s water still draining from his body.

You can tell from D. smiling he wants it to rain everytime we go riding. We were going 80 mph down the 57 to the 55 fwy and he was grinning the whole way. What is wrong with him. Should he stay on his pills or go off of them. Please send in your votes.

Dynamite switched up his pan.... looks greeeeaaattt!

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