Monday, January 23, 2012

from the mouth of a billionaire......wasn`t me.

wake up. if i hear one more idiot ask why we punish people for making money......... i work and make money and still very rich people pay less taxes then me and YOU........

Warren Buffett, the billionaire calling for more taxes on the rich, said Mitt Romney's U.S. tax rate of about 15 percent reflects poor laws rather than failings by the candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.
"It's the wrong policy to have," Buffett told Bloomberg Television's Betty Liu in an interview today. "He's not going to pay more than the law requires, and I don't fault him for that in the least. But I do fault a law that allows him and me earning enormous sums to pay overall federal taxes at a rate that's about half what the average person in my office pays."
Buffett, chairman and chief executive officer of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK/A) , supports Democratic President Barack Obama and said Congress needs to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans to close the budget deficit. Romney has agreed to release his 2010 tax return tomorrow, under pressure from Republican opponents, after saying he pays about 15 percent. Romney co- founded Boston-based private-equity firm Bain Capital LLC.
"He makes his money the same way I make my money," Buffett said. "He makes money by moving around big bucks, not by straining his back or going to work and cleaning toilets or whatever it may be. He makes it shoving around money."

the average joe doesn`t have extra money to SHOVE around.......definitely not joe plumber, military personnel, teachers, policemen..... i can go on and on. are you saying these people are stupid?



Attempted justification by the fact that the top 1% pays some 40% (dont know exact figure) of total tax revenue. Still not enough.

WhitelinePsycho said...

Whatever the percentages are is a moot point, I'm all for the free market ecomomy I'm just against the fat, rich corporate pigs not paying their way while everyday workers get fucked in the arse. Whether here in Oz or in the U.S, wherever it might be . . Peter Garrett, onetime lead singer with arch left wing political band "Midnight Oil" and now a federal politician [guffaw!!!] once sang, "the rich getting richer, the poor get the picture, the bombs never hit ya when your down so low . . .", well Pete, could you still sing the same lines with conviction now you've got a lifetime pension and free travel ??? What was that Rollins tune . . . . 'Liar' !!!! Sorry about the rant, should've used my blog, love your work and thanks for the medication !!!