Saturday, December 31, 2011

Where am I?

GOP cannabalizing itself. very exciting to watch......go Ron Paul! he is the only GOP canidate with balls. Newt Gingrich barking about drilling for oil and natural gas saying something as the such, "an american president not having to bow to a saudi king". do you smell a rat? this year was the first year since 1949 with Truman that the #1 american export has been oil......usually it has always been aircraft. so why does every GOP canidate cry about being independent of foreign oil if we are making billions of dollars selling our oil to other countries? because that is what capitalism is based on, not taking care of yours but the bottom line monetarily. so back to my voice of, "WAKE UP AMERICA! it is not either of our major political parties but fucking big business and fucking banks". i`m tired and should really be riding my motorcycle. and can someone tell me what is unconstitutional about the healthcare bill? i`m still trying to figure it out. now kids can still be insured on their parents insurance till the age of 26 (wait till you folks with younger kids get to utilize this gift), and folks with pre-existing conditions can`t be turned away by insurance companies (you are fortunate enough to be healthy but wait till you are sick and see how hard insurance companies fuck you after you have spent a lifetime of paying their premiums). i think i woke up in a bad mood. going back to sleep....... oh yeah, Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

fuck it Nash, stay pissed. i am

Rene said...

I can't argue against any of those points!