Monday, June 28, 2010

For What It`s Worth..............

the last few days has brought a south/south-west warm water swell that has helped clear out my head, for what it`s worth and has brought some clarity and perspective to my somewhat hectic life. born free was insane, mike d. (born loser) did an amazing job pulling together one of the most outragous,(hands down), rockinest m/c shows in the U.S........ fuck you if you disagree, you don`t know shit......what about that motorcycle they gave away for $25....ridiculous. chino josh and his team of criminals destroyed the build....harpoons tank was a beauty...ez is a true artist.....grant is a natural fuckin showman/gameshow host, mc extrordinarie.
i met so many cool people and got reaqainted with so many others, my head is still spinning. i guess it`s always spinning, who am i kidding.
walter from new a character out of a mad-max movie, nicer then nice, real jersey type of guy, but don`t cross him. fucking funny.
midwest came rolling into cali summer loaded down with some of the most amazing stories of their trip out that i felt like riding back with them just to get 1/10 of the adventures they fell into. should have your own talk show, you are one smooth motherfucker.......eugene, you are one handsome fella and a decent guy, dave may be one of the nicest and most genuine folk
and a hell of a bike builder who has so much knowledge. tony d., this is a man with conviction and a total crack-up, his smile is very infectious. there were others in the group that i wish i would have got to talk to but i was running pretty thin at will`s b.b.q. and started stressing out and wanted to split. oh yeah...and this fella named bacon.....he was fucking hysterical and i don`t even know if he knows it. his story about his wife and shit..... seriously, he would tell you his story so intensely then i would start cracking up and then he would start laughing so hard that it made me even more out of control....i`m going to victorville to see that guy, he was too much.
oregon was representing as another kerivan was in town causing havoc that only a kerivan can create. nice to finally meet you time stay longer.
in the crowd i spotted irish rich, sugarbear, mark drew with gabes bike hiding out in the truck. edward`s marketing himself in a very professional setting..very impressed.
all the chino fellas...alot of talent in that group...i hang my head in respect.
tyler, nice meeting you...missing california yet?
takada and his band of gracious friends in from japan , are your feet tired from walking the rose bowl?
yoshi, kio and nao from garage company, kio is #1 as a person and builder. nao, thanks for your friendship and for your help translating japanese for me. nao is getting married july 10th in japan...welcome to the club, brother.
jason having his long bike in all its glory being stripped by sonny....steady hand for sure.
dynamite......those bars are mine......god damn it joe! you have everything, i have nothing.
i even saw three zombies that are always nice to talk with.....scotty, how did you get your wife pregnant? anyway, i`m glad you figured it out and it`s nice to have you part of the will be very happy. turk, you next?
it was a great time... i guess i coulda put a bunch of pictures that you have already seen.....but most of my photos of the show were of big puffy clouds, birds, flowers and butterflies....still searching for the unicorn. i think i`ll find it at the next born free show if i ask mike d. real nice for the favor...........


Tony d. said...

awesome to finally get to meet you in person and talk face to face! only wish we had more time there in Cali, but maybe next time.... maybe next year....?!?!

Guy@GK said...

It was great to meet you Nash! Man, you're tall!

doubt said...

as a matter of fact i am missing california. see you next year, that was a blast

mind pill said...

guy, nice to meet you`s those lifts in my shoes..... be peace, nash

mind pill said...

tony, it was definitely good to meet up with you...i`m trying to fired up and make something happen out your way...we`ll see.
tyler, get outta canada....they probably want you out anyways. ride safe fellas, be peace, nash

Dave Polgreen said...

Nash, thanks for the comments man! Always good to see you. I'll be out west sooner rather than later, see you soon.

mind pill said...

hey dave, say hi when you`re in peace, nash