Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yellow Is The New Green

this board fuckin` rips, fat tail, skinny raking fin.....
everyone is talking about recycling and the enviroment............... quit making all these new surfboards (but that would infringe on capitalism). there are SO many old beaters that you can fix and re-hot coat. classics.

the center board is a Hanifin, signed by Pat Hanifin. Hanifin Surf Shop was THE shop in newport beach. my first custom board came from here from Pat (actually peter schoff shaped it, pat was becoming too big of a hotshot) for working at his shop as slave labor. "If you gonna sit around my shop all day, fuckin` clean some of this shit up Nash", wiping the spit off his mouth, " You think you can just surf all day then come in here and hang out? This look like a clubhouse? I`m making money unlike you." i wish i still had that board... 6` 10`` rounded diamond tail light orange deck/dark orange bottom, white pin stripe. Pat got on the Gong Show and did some comedy and thought he was funny and eventually sold the shop once it got big and pursued his comedic career. What the hell happened to Pat Hanifin. such is the case.

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