Saturday, October 24, 2009

time to takes some of my own medicine.........MINDPILLS

well.............since my mind has been in other places, i`ve had the luxury and good fortune to have a buddy in N.Y. send me this little blogging goody.... thanks jowers

Oy Nash,
hey I went to the Barber Vintage Festival in Alabama couple weeks ago so I'm gonna send some photos.
Vintage racing, swapmeet, amazing museum and most importantly, tons of interesting bikes and people.
Got me thinking that I have at times been such a narrow-minded wanker regarding what bikes I thought were cool or un-cool. They're bikes dumbass, they're all cool, and anyone who puts one ounce of creativity into their ride has to be ok on some level.
It's amazing to be around thousands of people and feel a connection that's focused.
Beginning to sound like an epiphany!! Shut Up.

Clay Rathburn's (Atom Bomb) latest - beautiful work

and this.....Supercharged! and check the front end!

and this......

and this.....must get to Bonneville for speed week next year

Too much love
more to come, JJ

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Anonymous said...

We were there and it was unbelievable. Get there.