Monday, April 20, 2009

Salvation mountain revisited..........never ending

My very first post was about leonard and salvation mountain.... i try to visit him about every 3-4 months. He is an amazing man with the most incredible spirit. all of you with your hating attitude and negative personae..... step up and buy a ticket on the positive train.
noah was spooked climbing up the mountain...."Dad wait!"

Almost at the top..............

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By Hand and By Brain said...

dude -you and Noah rule! I went to that thing and this lady told me that if I climbed up it the sky would open a save my soul-I didnt want to be saved know what I mean. then she got sort of offended that I didnt entice her swervy dream of heaven and said 'you could stay here and I could be your mom'. WHAT!! i was elbows and assholes all the way back to the bikes...
scary shit-
skate the pool?