Monday, March 9, 2009

Wart on the Ass of America.....

motorcycles suck.................... america`s ingrown toenail........ well anyways.....i got a buddy who moved to prague about 6-7 years ago. so last summer i went out to visit him and got to see an amazing city in a great country. pretty progessive culture in a country that has been taken over by so many others for so many years.

art, architecture, lack of religious brain-washing, open-minded...... (and before the comments come in about, `well, move there`, shut the fuck up. i love were i live but you gotta get out and see the world or your world gets very small and so does your mind) well anyways, my buddy has been with this wonderful slavic princess and their future is looking bright. we spent our time exploring the city and them being locals, i got to see a different side than most tourists. well conversation would drift towards politics because of the current world matters at the time such as iraqi war, new elections, imperialism, things of such. the slavic goddess asks me about our parties, the conservative party and our liberal party. i tell her it`s not quite like that and she says everything she reads is about liberals screwing up this or that and the conservatives being very religious but never hearing the liberal party saying `well, the conservatives did this.......` she said the conservative party seems to blames american societies downfall on the liberals.... drugs, homosexuals, lack of religion. couldn`t help but laugh. got me to thinking about what words really mean, not just what people put as their `definitions`. so i got websters dictionary to look up a couple words..... please, this is going somewhere........................................................................... conservative adj.desire to preserve existing institutions// moderate, cautious// old-fashioned// considered to involve little risk ........................................................ liberal adj. giving freely//generously large //not subject to the common prejudices or conventions// favorable to individual liberty, social reform and the removal of economic restraints.
i`ve changed my mind................

by definition, it seems that most people that ride motorcycles would be declared, `liberals`. read again what liberals are if you feel like arguing.........................dynamite joe................... mike d.........the nash.

the men that started america by definition were not conservatives. they were clearly liberal minded great men that took chances.

if i get comments about our current affairs such as`socialism`; again, shut the fuck up, what do you think medicaid and social security is........ privitize social security? wakeup, if people have extra money we spend it............

the latest outcry is `what about the debt we`re leaving future generations`. shut the fuck up, the iraqi war, bank bail-outs, car industry bail-outs, a little late with that rhetoric...... our vets will be paying forever personally, these are kids that were told to kill other people, you truely never recover from that. so all you partiots better get in line and start giving and helping our new group of `war casualty` vets, jobs, dealing with depression, suicides and quit worrying about yourselves and your homes and your businesses and your cars...... and `where`s MY bail-out... shut the fuck up. THAT`S the real problem, everybody is out to get theirs.... why should they have a house, i deserve one too... they got a car and big screen t.v., what about ME? some people are just dumb-shits and don`t get all the stuff that everyone has...... simply put, because you`re a dumb fuck.

well how many people are getting in line now for their fair share?

this seems to boil down to just greed..............

motorcycles keep me sane, i guess they don`t suck...i`m sorry.

i still have so much more to whine about but i have a headache and i`m going riding for abit........i rest.


Show and Go Cycle Shop said...

Nicely done. Limbaugh is a classic propogandist speaking through his "golden microphone" preaching the desires of the rich to working class folks and unfortunately duping them into believing his ideologies by providing the scapegoat most people need, as the "liberal". 8 years of corporate elitist rule, and on the brink of disaster from it, they just scream their bullshit louder. A couple of my club brothers are Iraqi vets and I think they would agree with you too.

CycleDelicCycles said...

But how do ya REALLY feel, mang?? Dont overthink it.. it's ALL just bullshit anyway. You can think it til you puke; wont change it. Republican, Democrat...liberal, conservative..
Fuck; I grew up in the "hippy" generation; what a crock of shit that was... the fucking hippies are now lawyers and stockbrokers; makin payments to GMAC for their new Escalades... "Workin for the man" man?? They ARE "the man" now. It's all bullshit; who will sellout when, and for how much... like fuckin' whores, they ALL have their price. NONE of them any better than the others.

Mike D. said...

Nash go back on the meds! You may have a heart attack with out them.You are scaring me right now...Oh yeah asshole, I'm not as fat as that guy on the bike!

Moped said...

Right on. Motorcycles are a respite from all of the bullshit and fuckwads that you have to interact with in the day-to-day. The outraw-chopper-biku crowd has a more of a clue.

I was bitching with some (Libertarian) buddies up in Austin over the weekend; it's hard to change any of this shit. The drug war will continue, civil liberties will be girded, and foreign interventionism is still going to happen. You either kick and scream and bitch and moan at the cost of your own sanity, shut up and take it, succumb to it or pack your shit up and move. For now, I'm going to bitch and moan. It's like Winston in 1984; dissenters are the lunatic minority of one.

By the way, Rush Limbaugh is a goddamn jackwad.

Anonymous said...

hey your bike looks like shit! yea i said it hunk o shit

Chris K said...

Glad to hear I'm not alone.

I've never understood why so many bikers support a party (Republican), that in reality wouldn't accept them. Or why people generally think they have to belong to one party or the other and swallow all the horse shit along with it.

Sometimes it all seems futile. Other times, we got to try to make things better.

My European roots makes me relate to their outlook on life. This is a great country but, the nut cases are getting louder.

The religious are messing up the USA and the world. I probably agree with Bill Maher on more issues than any one else I know of.

One thing we can all agree on.... Bikes are the great escape!

Jason Mitchell said...

I have been to Prague, lived in Europe for 3 years, chop motorcycles, was in the Army and my best friend died in Iraq.

I've realized that the parties who are running this country are just two sides of the same coin. What has changed exactly from Bush to Obama? Nothing. More debt, more bailout, ongoing war. But hey, fuck it, they arent the ones paying for it with inflation, blood, or debt, so why should they care.

"Conservative" means smaller government, not big government in your bedroom and war across the planet. Thats why I dont call myself one anymore. The term conservative is just like the word "bobber" it doesn't mean anything anymore. People need to wake up to the fact that the 'left' and the 'right' are both controlling and completely full of shit, but instead Americans will keep chicken littling themselves into the dust bin of history... terror, global warming, homosexuality, the economy... and everything else is just an excuse to keep and gain more more power.